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Платформа подготовки профессиональных трейдеров Gerchik.ru

Alexander Gerchik Education Center - break-even trading school

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The goal was to design a simple and intuitive layout over the existing site structure. Lightweight packaging was chosen because it seamlessly connects users' emotional scenarios with reasoning and face-to-face communication.


The Gerchik.ru platform is the title site of the Gerchik company. Its functions include: - providing information about the company; - filling with content in the field of expertise to increase customer engagement; Content in text, video format of various forms. - the passage of customers through the sales funnel from the moment of registration on the platform to the registration of payment for the product (training in the company); User access to the service is divided into roles depending on their account. The platform is also available to users without registration, but the possibilities of interaction with it expand as they register, and then a paid subscription (for a month, for a year). Subscription packages also offer different levels of services. For the convenience of users, a chatbot was implemented, which allows you to receive new content as soon as it is published and manage the subscription without going into the client of the platform itself. The site has an administrative part that allows you to manage users and content, display statistical information on all aspects of the platform, from user to reporting. A fault-tolerant architecture was implemented, which begins with the platform and ends with the CRM system.

Time spent on the project

1 year 3 month




Final designs were what is called modern, multifunctional and ergonomic. Although the new design has not been implemented yet we believe in this product. It may become a popular job search online tool one day, especially after the facelift.
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